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Replacement Tubs in Peoria & Central Illinois

Are you looking for the perfect replacement tub for your Peoria & Central Illinois home? Then look no further, as the team at Innovation Home Services is ready to fix up your bathroom with a masterfully installed new tub! We have years of experience with Central Illinois bathroom remodeling projects just like yours, and are excited to hear about your dream bathroom so that we can make it a reality.

When to Replace Your Peoria Tub

This is a little-known fact to most Peoria & Central Illinois area homeowners. Bathtubs are not designed to last forever! Like your roof or your driveway, they are designed to last a given number of years before being replaced. Nowhere is this more true than with the mass-produced bathtubs installed in most new homes.

You will know it is time to replace your tub when you see the following:

The bath is harder and harder to clean. As your bathtub fails, it will get harder to clean. Minor damage to the surface enamel creates small cracks where dirt and fungus likes to dig in.

You can see little cracks in the finish. In poorly aging tubs, you can see tiny hairline cracks in the enamel and tiling. If you can see it, it is a major problem!

The bath just doesn’t fit your needs. Has your family outgrown your bathroom? Maybe you want a shower combo where you currently have a bath, or you just don’t love how cramped your bath feels? Whether to make more space or update your visual style to something striking, we have the experience to replace your tub with a new one that you will love!

Peoria Replacement tub options

When you are ready to get started with your bathroom remodeling project, you will have a variety of options to choose from. Each option has both advantages and disadvantages, so here is our expert view of your options:

  • Replacement tub: Sometimes, the simplest option is best! Swapping out your aging bath with a replacement tub is lightning fast, and has just the desired effect.
  • Combo tub and shower: Great for resale value because it is so popular, replacing your tub with a combination tub/shower is an outstanding choice. We have a wide variety of styles and hardware to choose from!
  • New shower enclosure: Step out of your dreary old tub and into a brand new shower enclosure! Experience a masterfully crafted, beautiful shower with a huge variety of hardware selections.
  • Walk-in Bathtub: Planning on staying in your home for years to come? Then a walk-in bath is a great and accessible option! Spa-like and luxuriant, walk-in baths feature low entry thresholds that make them comfortable to use, at any age!

Why Innovation Home Services for Peoria Replacement baths

We are just as excited as you are for your Peoria bathroom remodeling project – our team of experts at Innovation Home Services would love to hear the details for your project, and present you with a wide variety of expert solutions to meet your goals! Our team of dedicated Central Illinois bathroom remodelers will have your project done on-time, under-budget, and at a level of convenience you just won’t believe is possible.

Let us prove it to you! We’d love to give you a no-cost bathroom remodeling consultation. Now that you have a few extra ideas for your bathroom remodel, let us get you several price options to make your vision a reality. Our Peoria bathroom remodelers have the experience to finish your replacement tub project both on-time and under-budget, so give us a call today to get started!

Other Central Illinois Bathroom Remodeling Options:

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The installers at Innovation Home Services were very friendly and knowledgeable.  They were in and out of our bathroom in less than a day and completely cleaned up after themselves!  I would recommend them for a tub to shower conversion to anyone around Peoria.


Mary Beth, Peoria, IL

We love our new windows that the team at Innovation Home Services put in.  My wife and I have been having a lot of cold air get in and the new replacement windows are completely sealed shut! All in all me and my wife are very pleased with how the job turned out and the overall professionalism.


Dale, Bloomington, IL

I wanted to update my kitchen but didn’t want to pay the huge amount for a full kitchen remodel.  I also didn’t want some contractor in my kitchen for a month.  I found Innovation Home Services and the design consultant helped me pick out a kitchen cabinet refacing project.  I love the way it turned out!

Troy, Peoria, IL

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