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Peoria & Central Illinois leaf guards and leaf filters

Are you looking for the best leaf filters and leaf guards trusted for Peoria houses and gutters? Then you’ll love our gutter guards! Our team’s highly experienced gutter protection installation team at Innovation Home Services are here to provide you the top quality Peoria leaf guards and leaf filters, with added ice dam protection.  Knowing that our team of home improvement pros have your back, you know our remedy is recognized to be the very best gutter covers and leaf filter ready to install for Peoria homes. Don’t take our word for it, though! Read our reviews from our satisfied customers to learn more about how effective our leaf guards are.

When you’re thinking of adding gutter filters to your house, here are the main reasons why you should try the pros at Innovation Home Services for your leaf guards:

  • With our installation experts, you get the best-reviewed leaf guard and leaf filter product with our innovative manufacturing technology, our products are more affordable than you think and will not go over budget
  • Our team is the favorite gutter protection for the Peoria area and have years of experience improving area homes
  • Our expertly designed leaf filter system shields and protects your gutters without you having to lift a finger. You’ll never have to fight with your unsteady old ladder again after we’re finished!

Why should you get leaf guards or leaf filters for your Peoria home?

If you’re like most homeowners, you think cleaning the nasty leaf debris gutters is a dirty and hazardous project. If you’d rather not wipe clean your gutters this season,  then you’re in the right place. Our experts have created a leaf filtering system so innovative, it effortlessly protects your gutter, freeing up your time from gutter cleaning altogether!

Surely, there are many reasons you need leaf filters and leaf guards. Flooded gutters are unpleasant to look at and tend to smell unpleasant. Gutters that are clogged also open the door for leaks to harm the structural framing of your house. As the temperature drops, stagnant water that would only cause medium-sized leaks and unappealing smells now becomes deeply damaging ice.  You face the choice to either regularly flush out your old-fashioned and unguarded gutters, or out-think the weather. You can protect your home with a top-rated leaf filter and leaf guard solution like ours, installed by our home remodeling pros at Innovation Home Services!

Save money and time with Peoria leaf guards

After you’ve done your research and once you’ve had our team out to install your gutter guards on your Peoria home, you don’t need to worry over the following factors:

  • Putting yourself in peril by climbing a ladder to struggle and clear nasty leaf debris from your gutters single handed
  • Paying the pricey gutter cleaning service bill two or three times every year you own your home. Those fees add up to a considerable price over time!
  • Ladder-intensive and ladder climbing home improvement work – our expert contractors add on your perfectly fitted gutter guards in less than a day!

Highest rated leaf filters in Peoria & Central Illinois

Once you know that you can reap several benefits from leaf filters and gutter guards for your Peoria home, there are many varieties to choose from. With so many choices available, there just might be too many options for you to choose the best one for your goals! When you want to add gutter filters to your home, here is a checklist, showing you what is the most important for you to get out of your gutter protection or leaf filters to better maintain your residence: Sturdy, lightweight framing. Won’t add unnecessary weight to your current gutters.

  • Unbeatable anti-rust protection. Can handle the stormiest weather, and will never compromise the gutters and rails.
  • Max efficiency filtering matrix. Saves rotting leaves and rooftop granules from compacting and clogging the gutter.
  • Good testimonials. Anybody who can climb a ladder can install off-the-shelf gutter protection, but you can expect the best results from our Peoria gutter filters!

Give us a call at Innovation Home Services for the most effective Peoria leaf guards and filters

There’s no reason to risk serious structural damage to your home’s interior and exterior when one phone call can get you the prevention you need. Our staff at Innovation Home Services is prepared to install the leaf guards and gutter protection you need at a price your budget will love. Call us, and we will offer expertise for any questions you may have!

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The installers at Innovation Home Services were very friendly and knowledgeable.  They were in and out of our bathroom in less than a day and completely cleaned up after themselves!  I would recommend them for a tub to shower conversion to anyone around Peoria.


Mary Beth, Peoria, IL

We love our new windows that the team at Innovation Home Services put in.  My wife and I have been having a lot of cold air get in and the new replacement windows are completely sealed shut! All in all me and my wife are very pleased with how the job turned out and the overall professionalism.


Dale, Bloomington, IL

I wanted to update my kitchen but didn’t want to pay the huge amount for a full kitchen remodel.  I also didn’t want some contractor in my kitchen for a month.  I found Innovation Home Services and the design consultant helped me pick out a kitchen cabinet refacing project.  I love the way it turned out!

Troy, Peoria, IL

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